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SystemLevelDesign the company was founded in 2002 when the design engineer and the developer of electronic equipment Andrey Savchenko made his first system for decentralized climate management in office building "NeuroClimate" (registered trade mark). NeuroClimate became the development of essentially new methods of decentralized management of production processes in the industry, offered and tested by Andrey Savchenko since 1998 in Italy and Russia.

Watches Assembly Robot

From every single wheel till whole
(mechanical) watch

Electronics Assembly

From each separate component and
every single wire and socket TILL
whole electronic device closed in case
with wiring inside

Sewing Robot

All wear you wearing on yourself

Food Processing Robot

You hungry? Can't coocking? Love
organics? This is your Top Chef!

Since 2003 SystemLevelDesign specializes only in creation of robotics systems and the "smart" production equipment as a whole. Made from merge of technologies of Artificial Intelligence, the Precision electric drive, Kinematics nodes from composite materials.

Basis for creative development of SystemLevelDesign is a paradigm that the Humans shouldn't spend the time for Robot training, the Robot studies itself, continuously increasing his (Robots) knowledge base and considering a simple rules set by the Humans. Then the Robot itself becomes convenient assistant to the Human, not a machine with difficult and prolonged tuning.

In 2005 Andrey Savchenko offered new algorithmic model of "NeuroNode", the key unified component of the decentralized control system of full Production Lines and the separate Equipment which gave opportunity to radically simplify programming of "simple rules" setting up by the Human and to reduce time of Robot's setup to 10 minutes.

In 2008 the "NeuroNode" model was improved, self-training period of the Robot was reduced from several hours to less than one hour.

Since 2010 of "NeuroNode" isn't carried out as the separate electronic block, but as integral part of the precision electric drive that allows to connect several electric drives in one System without additional computational unit (the central control unit for all drives). For example the kinematics of 3D positioning of the Robot (X, Y, Z electric drives) directly "understands" a movement trajectory set in the form of a spline, the meaning is, Robot can receive information directly from CAD software / CAD files without using any of the converters.

Since 2005 SystemLevelDesign specializes on single universal Assembly Robots and Assembly Systems creation which completely replace Humans on assembly and package operations. This innovative Assembly Robots are giving the chance to establish production of final goods without the expenses analysis for a salary of low qualification operators.

Additional Assembly Robots fundamental benefit from SystemLevelDesign is instant readjustment of Assembly Robot on other similar Product in range (designs of watches differ from each other in a little, Robots use configurations tree in SolidWorks), minimum release quantity is equal to one piece (production on demand).

In 2012 Andrey Savchenko, offered a new format of the Assembly Robot based on the original kinematics scheme. This format is working directly with assembly files from CAD SolidWorks. The new Assembly Robot is created in a "full plant on a table" format and allows to setup the Assembly Robot directly on the same place where human Operator have been. This important option allows immediately start manufacturing on the 24H production mode.

The "NeuroNode" technologies are applied in two spin-off applications developed by SystemLevelDesign for third-party Customers:

- autonomous work of group of industrial machines in open-cast mines and on construction site of speedways roads. The essence of technology is "Collective Intelligence" when the Excavator, the Bulldozer, the Dump truck and the wheel loader are coordinating the maneuvers and actions among themselves in order to solve a common task: carry out raw material from the mine cone or 3D ground/land management to the road construction;

- Real time interaction of piloted cars and Traffic lights/barriers in urban environment. "Distributive Intelligence" technology essence is when all participants of local (within the cross-roads) and global (in city boundaries) movement are coordinating the actions and speed among themselves in real time.

sophisticated software for financial area

Since 2010 SystemLevelDesign develops the Integrated Software Products based on combination of the technology of Artificial Intelligence and methods providing high fault tolerance. The goal of developing is to solve the problems of the parallel processing of a big set of events in real time.

The integrated Software Products are working in real time, they are applied to management of Logistics problems when manufacturing rate automatically controlled by speed and geography of demand for products in real time. Logistic chain begins from purchase of initial raw materials (Stock Exchange) and comes to the end with delivery and payment of products to Buyers:

List of Integrated Software Parts for Logistic:
- Back-end, Manufacturing (goods) > Transportation (goods in package) > Warehouse/Point of Sales (set of goods);
- Front-end, Delivery and processing (initial raw materials) - Production (parts) - Assembly and quality check (finished product).

The integrated Software Products at the same time applied in Financial Services (Trading) where large number of Participants of transactions are working in parallel:

List of Integrated Software Parts for Trading:
- Exchange trade (fix coefficients) and Stock Exchange (float coefficients) platform;
- Secure and equal access of Participants to Exchange trading platform;
- Trade Robots attached to the Exchange platform on the one hand and the ERP system on the other hand.

List of Software Products for integration

Client's online Private Office. Safe access to the Private Office and transfers of operating reactions (from User) and operating events (to User). Including: ensuring work in a same time scale for all Participants (alignment of delays of reactions from different communication channels and the equipment)

Exchange trade core mechanism (with/without float coefficients), for a large number of Agents that are working in the same time (including high-speed)

Administrative Interface and instruments of management of user rights for Compliance Manager. Administrative Interface and means of store of logs/history of operations and means of verified and trusted communications for Client Interactive (Service) Manager

Means of the parallel analysis of multiple events (transactions) in real time. Serves for the identification of suspicious operations in Exchange trade process

Association mechanism in the unite Exchange field, available in the Private office. Serves for combining several separate exchange platforms and exchange platforms provided by the third parties for trading different products in one Private office

- Algorithms of work and means of the analysis of operations (transactions) for Trade Robots

the developer

Andrey Savchenko

Designer of "AI brains" and multifunction sensors, combined together in neural network, for unmanned vehicles.

RnD of Artificial intelligence principals for unmanned building and construction machines, Engineering electronics units and systems based on neural networks principals for unmanned ground machines.

RnD of decentralized control system for general ground machine (moving, individual operations, in group cooperation), Engineering electronics units and intellectual sensors for CAT, Terex, John Deer, Nissan, VW machines (tasks execution in unmanned mode with self cooperation inside group, with dynamic regrouping).

System Design Engineer: 3D products design (climate control sensors and controllers), complete systems engineering and virtual simulation (plumbing, heating, air conditioning), software and firmware design (neural network) for building's level climate control system (artificial intelligence principals).